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Since its formation, over one hundred years ago, Baikowski® has occupied a unique place within the specialty chemicals industry characterized by the company’s capacity for innovation and agility. The success of its positioning within niche markets such as those for high purity alumina, special oxides, and polishing now require the support of a specific mode of organization and reinforced resources to help meet the new challenges of globalization. For that reason, the projected corporate split and independent flotation constitute a formidable springboard and a historical opportunity for the company and all its employees.

2017 Key Figures

2017 Key Figures


Board of Direction

Executive Committee


Regulation Information

 Informative Document:

Informative document for the admission of Baikowski® shares to Euronext Growth negotiations under the allocation of Baikowski® shares to PSB Industries shareholders Download the PDF in French only.

Middlenext Corporate Governance Code:

Middlenext Corporate Governance Code Download the PDF in French version only

Declarations of the total number of voting rights and number of shares composing the capital of Baikowski®:

31 - 12 - 2018 Declaration Download the PDF Télécharger le PDF

Shareholder Area

Baikowski® shares:
– Number of shares: 3,671,665
– Listed on Euronext Growth Paris
– ISIN code: FR0013384369
– Reuters Code: ALBKK.PA
– Bloomberg Code: ALBKK.FP
– FTSE ICB index:
  Industrie 1000, BasicMaterials
- Sur-secteur 1300, Chemicals
- Secteur 1350, Chemicals

Investor Relations:
– Benoit GRENOT
– Mail:
– Phone: +33 (0)1 75 77 54 65 (Aelium Finance & Communication)
Baikowski® statutes  
  • Bloomberg code : ALBKK.FP

Share Price

Baikowski® share price

Indicative Calendar

24 - 12 - 2018
Euronext notice announcing the technical reference price of Baikowski® shares (after close of the markets)
27 – 12 – 2018

Ex-date of the spin-off: detachment date of Baikowski® shares from the PSB Industries shares

Admission to trading of Baikowski® shares on Euronext Growth Paris

28 – 12 – 2018 Record date of the Spin-off: accounting registration date for Euroclear
31 – 12 – 2018 Payment date of the Spin-off: Settlement and delivery of Baikowski® shares to PSB Industries shareholders

Financial press releases

21 - 12 - 2018 Description of Baikowski's® share buyback programme Download the PDF Télécharger le PDF
20 - 12 - 2018 Allotment of Baikowski's® shares voted at PSB Industries general meeting Download the PDF Télécharger le PDF
29 - 11 -2018 Euronext Paris has autorised the listing of Baikowski® 's shares with Euronext Growth Download the PDF Télécharger le PDF
06 - 11 -2018 Confirmation of the proposal hive-off of Baikowski® Download the PDF Télécharger le PDF
24 - 09 -2018 Project of corporate split of Baikowski® Download the PDF Télécharger le PDF