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As part of our specialty niche markets, the Automotive industry has been for now 20 years one of BAIKOWSKI's strategic focuses, and is still a source of new developments & opportunities.

BAIKALOX & SPECIAL OXIDES powders & formulations are offering cutting-edge properties in technical ceramics, functional additives and polishing applications :

  • Car care polishing compounds
  • Ceramic coating for sensors
  • Safety additive for Li-ion batteries separators
  • Solid oxide fuel cells
  • Transparent bulletproof windows for defense



Through its 25 years colaboration with its Japanese subsidiary, BAIKOWSKI developed some network & know-how in the Electronic market.

BAIKOWSKI's powders & formulations are offering cutting-edge properties in functional additives and polishing applications :

  • CMP slurries for chips & HDDs
  • Thermal additives for specialty adhesives (die attachment)
  • Additives & CMP for IR filters & special glass (cameras)
  • Dense aluminas for sapphire screens, lens cover, touch ID, etc.


Energy & Environment

New source of inspiration Through its 25 years colaboration with its Japanese subsidiary, BAIKOWSKI developed some network & know-how in the Electronic market.

BAIKOWSKI alumina & special oxides powders are used for their very special properties in functional additives and technical ceramics applications :

• Li-ion batteries additives
• Solid oxide fuel cells ceramics
• Ceramic membranes for ultrafiltration
• Additives for catalysis



Key market for Baikowski, the lighting industry world leaders have chosen our custom-made solutions for high performance & energy saving light sources.

 Our ALUMINAS and SPECIAL OXIDES high quality powders & formulations are used in different lighting applications :

  • PCA translucent ceramic tubes for HID lamps
  • Specialty coatings for UV reflection in tube lamps
  • Sapphire substrates for LEDs
  • REO-doped specialty phosphors (ceramic & coating) for light conversion
  • …


Medical & Optics

Highly demanding market leaders in the field of Medical devices have chosen BAIKALOX, MALAKOFF & SPECIAL OXIDES materials.

Throughout the years BAIKOWSKI materials have proved their efficience in this market. We are fully aware of all the audits, tight requirements &  restrictions this market is bound to.

BAIKOWSKI extended its expertise to be able to serve raw powders as well as functionalized ready-to-use solutions for:

  • Bioceramics - Orthopaedics & dental (hip joints, dental discs, ...)
  • Precision polishing - Intraocular lenses, beam splitters (crystals, glasses & polymers)
  • REO-doped YAG crystals for medical imaging


Other industries


Watch & Phone

Major historical market for BAIKOWSKI, our former core business (sapphire watch tops manufacturing).

BAIKOWSKI benefits from a century of mastery to remain a strategic supplier in this field.

Now we are serving this market not only with raw material for crystals manufacturing but also designed solutions for processing

In addition, we are now providing the phone market with transparent ceramics, sapphire raw material & polishing solutions for top & camera lens cover

  • Verneuil crystals & transparent ceramics - Tops, camera lens cover
  • Injected ceramic parts - Wrists & cases
  • Precision polishing powders & slurries - Sapphire & ceramic parts
  • Transparent spinel ceramics as sapphire replacement